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[Football] 1st trip to Wembley?


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Sep 14, 2011
England V Nigeria friendly 1994 - school trip.

Looking at the highlights- amazing kits all round, my word they sized those England shirts LARGE



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Nov 14, 2004
Rather random visit for Reading v Luton in the 1988 simod cup final neighbour was a massive reading fan and took me along as parents were not into football


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Sep 1, 2007


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Haven't been there much apart from 83.

Was there for Shearers debut and also there for Linekers chip to the Brazil goalie. Probably only other time was against Cameroon when it was -10.


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Jul 5, 2003
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I genuinely can't remember. My memory is pretty crap with things like this.

I do know it was England v Northern Ireland, and England won 4-0, and I was still at school, so I looked it up, but that just narrows it down to two. So it was either:

07 Feb 1979 or 23 Feb 1982. Both England 4-0 Northern Ireland. A guess would be the '79 one as that's very close to my birthday so might have been a birthday treat :shrug:

Weird stat. Up until the FA Cup semi-final three years ago, I'd seen at least 4 goals each time I'd been to Wembley.

The England Northern Ireland match, FA Cup Final replay (I wasn't at the first match) and the 3-1 loss to Notts County in the '91 play off final

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Dec 9, 2020
East Sussex
School trip, 1980 to watch the Varsity Match one mid-week afternoon, preceded by visit to Hendon Air Museum!! Mini-bus trip that was marred by several bouts of travel sickness across the kids - the first before we hit cuckfield (from Haywards Heath!!) and a number after that - that last of which the teacher could not hide his frustration any longer and the poor chap had to be sick into a plastic bag that he was then forced to hold because the teacher wouldn't stop any more! The sight and smell of the puke swilling around the plastic bag turned almost everyone green but no-one dare request a stop again!!!


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Apr 21, 2017
I went to that game.

Pretty sure Trevor Francis played - before the game they tried to compare him to Cruyff.....

I doubt he played the schoolboy international, but he did make his full debut against the Netherlands in 1977 when we chased shadows for 90 minutes.

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