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    DK and MM: The TAPE of the sacking meal

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    DK: (singing to himself) Is this the way to Amarillo, every night.......

    Sound of bicycle horn in background getting louder "Parp Parp"

    DK: (groans) Oh no Mark, not another of your attempts to win Klownfest 2006, I wish you would concentrate a little more on the football side of things. And did you have to turn up to the restaurant on your Unicycle bringing your pet performing seal Bob in the sidecar?

    MM: Sorry boss, I will throw a mackerel to Bob, look what I have taught him to do.......

    Bob: Arf Arf

    DK: Very good Mark, balancing the ball on his head, if only CKR had been able to do that. Lets order lunch.

    MM: Can you see the menu boss, do you want to borrow my special glasses?

    DK: Thanks Mark

    (sound of shuffling of menus)

    (Italian accent) "And what can Fellatio's offer you two fine gentlemen today? HA HA HA HA

    DK: What is he laughing at Mark?

    MM: (chuckling) Nothing Boss

    DK: Give me a mirror, Bloody hell Mark, glasses with black ink around them, very funny, I now look like a ****ing panda.

    MM: Every one a gem boss (squeaks bicycle horn) "Parp Parp"

    DK: I have something very important to discuss with you today Mark, I have received a message from a higher source

    MM: Has God spoken to you in a mysterious way then boss?

    DK: No, even higher than that

    MM: Was it Yorkie?

    DK: No Mark, I have just received a poem from Attila, and I think that as a chairman who has likes to wash his hands of any criticism, I think I should read it to you

    (coughs to clear throat)

    We are crap and we are poo
    We just lost four one to Crewe
    It's the end for that clown Magoo
    He must go and Bob Booker too

    Joke tactics and dodgy subs
    He spends too much time drinking whisky in the pubs
    The fans think he was shite at other clubs
    Although he is as well hung as the legendary Keith Dubs

    Now it's time for him to go
    As we can't even sign strikers from Leyton O
    It's time to tell his he's a failure
    No more golf rounds with Andy Naylor

    Come on Dick give him the sack
    Or you are in a danger of an ARS attack
    I won't do the PA as long as I am alive
    Unless you give Magoo his P45

    (sound of a large spotted hankerchief being pulled from a pocket)

    MM: Is that it then boss, I am out of a job (sobbing sound heard)

    DK: I am afraid so Mark, come on, turn off your clown's tears machine, they are soaking the futtucine.

    MM: (voice breaking up) well that's it children, I have been sacked

    Everybody in restaurant: OH No he's not

    DK: Oh yes he ****ing is

    Bob: Arf Arf

    DK: And you can sling your hook too, I have transferred you to the Sealife Centre and you will be performing before thirty disinterested children and a few confused Japenese tourists twice a day......still it will be more of an atmosphere than Withdean.
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