Object of the Game:

To have the most money at the end of the season.

Game Format:

To avoid clashing with PtB or Simon's predictions league, this will consist of betting purely on a team to win.

Each NSC member starts off with £100.

You can bet as many times or as few times as you want during the season, but you must bet at least once to enter. It doesn't matter when your first bet is made.

Once you run out of money, you are out of the game.


You can bet on as many or as few matches in the season as you like.

Brighton Games

Every Brighton game will be included. In this match you can only bet on Brighton winning, not the opponents.

If you think Brighton will win, place a bet. If not, don't.

Other Games & Bets

Other matches will also be chosen at various times during the season.

You can only bet on the team / bet chosen for each match, not the opponents.

If you think the chosen team will win, place a bet.


Minimum bet: £1
Maximum bet: Whatever is in your kitty.

If the team wins, you win back 3 times your bet PLUS your original stake.

It's that simple!

Collecting Your Winnings:

If you have won a game, you cannot use the winnings to place another bet in the same week. e.g. Brighton win on Friday, you cannot use those winnings to place a bet on a game on Saturday.

Winnings are not officially recognised until the next week's thread is posted which shows your new kitty totals.

New Threads:

A new week's thread will usually appear on Mondays.

On most weeks, everyone will have about a week to place their bets. On occasions when Brighton are playing midweek, the bets will need to be placed on the few days before the game, so be warned as to the time limits.


Usual common sense rules apply, such as:
  • No betting once the game kicks off
  • You cannot bet more than you have in your kitty
  • etc, etc.

Each week, I shall list your kitty totals so you know exactly how much you have to play with.

Good Luck to you all.