We have seagulls nesting on our roof as we do every bloody year. Their nest is on a cluster of four chimney pots.

I am working in our newly decorated office (nice white and cream decor) which has a fireplace which has been cleared and is an empty hole with a a board slotted in at the chimney entrance to stop debris falling down.

I can now hear some scrabbling around just above the board and it seems that a baby seagull has fallen down. It's about as big as a blackbird now, but I don't think it can fly.

What shoud I do? Try and rescue it immediately but risk it flapping around the house in a blind panic, crapping everywhere or wait for it to die and then get it out. I've got loads of work to do today bebfore 5 (just checking the essential threads of NSC first) so I haven't got all day on this one.

Advice please.