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    NSC Xmas Family Fortunes - The thread!

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    Here are the rules. I will post the first question at 10am. Anyone can play - just join in at anytime. I will post the question and how many top answers there are. You may then make 1 post with 1 answer only. Once you have made a guess, you may not guess again until I post FREE FOR ALL. At that point, you may make as many posts as you like - BUT ONLY 1 ANSWER PER POST. Any infraction of these rules will make your points for that round null and void.

    I will try and update the correct answers as soon as possible but bear in mind that I am subject to the same 30 second rule for posting as you are.

    There will be double money rounds near the end. The top 2 players at the end of the game will play off to see who wins - PM'ing me answers to 5 questions.

    The questions are a mixture of modern UK ones and 1985 C64 US ones. This is primarily because the UK ones are a bit too easy so a mix will be good. I will clearly state when it is a US 1980's question so you can answer accordingly. There will be 100 bonus points if anyone get's one of the very obscure US answers that I have preselected. I doubt this will happen though as they are impossible.

    OK - Wait for the first question at 10am. And remember, 1 answer per post and one answer only until I post FREE FOR ALL (This will only happen if all answers haven't gone when most players have had a guess) And -100 for any mention of Sausage Rolls or Crisps!

    Good luck to all!


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