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    bored at work... game

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    Albion footballers, Sussex cricketers, and England internationals from either sport only... including coaches and managers

    "Drink While You Think" (i.e. Peter Ward... Wayne Larkins... Lee Steele... etc etc)


    1. To be played in co-operative rather than competitive manner...
    2. No correction of spelling (other than initial letters) allowed
    3. No repetition within 8 pages
    4. Colin Kazim Richards requires a "K" response
    4.1 Nicknames don't count e.g. Ian "Spider" Mellor gives an "M" not an "S"
    5. Players shall facilitate play by editing invalid nominations with a simple "too slow" message
    6. Only the Rules Master (GRM or agreed LTRM) can determine the state of the current official line.
    7. It is against the Spirit of the Game to dispute a Rules Master's decision by word, action or gesture.
    8. It is against the Spirit of the Game to direct abusive language at a fellow participant or Rules Master.
    9. The first sanction in the case of Rule breaches will be a stiff finger-wagging. This will be followed by an official written warning. The ultimate sanction for repeat offending is a 5 minute temporary ban from the game (the so-called "sin bin")

    I'll start...

    Brian Horton
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    The BHAFC forum is utter shite. They literally talk about everything except their own football club on there.


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