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    An emotional apology to all.

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    Diggers here.

    Been on the pop in the office since 10.00am. Bubbly, vodka, ice cold cans of stella and now more vodka red bull.

    In the aftermath of the whole year may I just say this.

    i think some of you on here are as far removed from my belief as is possible. Some share my opinions. I thank you all for a fantastic year of piss-takes, wind-ups, put-downs, ****-offs etc.

    I sincerely mean that I disagree with so much on this board but I would defend your right to say ot with my dying breath.

    Ernest, FG, 3gulls et al. We who are about to die, salute you.

    i have perhaps said things that are upsetting for some, but the truth is, I have never meant or intended to maliciously upset anyone.

    This board in its great oments, and darkest times reflect this great club of ours.

    We will survive. We will fight on. Why??

    Beacause I learnt something once, a long while ago.

    That Fans United, will never be defeated.


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