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    Very confident we'll still have the better of them but it's insane to suggest we are stronger

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      I’m feeling positive.

      I think many teams will see Albion as a pushover having lost their two best players - the pressure will be less on Potter.

      We definitely have more attacking potential (difficult to have less based on the ‘Maupay or nothing’ formula from most of last season).

      A weaker team yes, but still positive IFYKWIM.
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      I would say weaker , however i trust in Graham to get the best out of those who start and i am sure he will be a manager who can make the best use of the 5 subs . Really looking forward to Sunday when we get the first real chance to get a handle on how this season may pan out .
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      I thought we were weak last season(except away form) hopefully we’ll be stronger this season
      Bissouma spent most of the season worrying about a potential court case(affecting his performances) don’t think he’ll be missed with Caceido & Mwepu taking over
      Cucerella apparently has always been a Chelsea fan so won’t miss him either
      March and Trossard covering his position
      Undev will be surprise package taking the prem by storm
      So to wrap it all up
      Top 6 Europa league spot
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      Quote Originally Posted by chaileyjem View Post
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      So we’re likely to replace those 2 in the line up with Mwepu and Webster on Sunday.
      With a bench something like Lamptey, Maupay, Sarmiento, Colwill, Mitoma, Alzate, Lallana, JPVH - and players like Enciso and Ferguson and Undav maybe not even getting a look in. It’s hardly scraping the barrel is it ?
      Of course we’ll miss em but the gnashing and wailing is a bit premature given there’s precious little chance of Potter not being given further signings to strengthen his squad in the next few weeks. If the team that found Cucurella etc can’t be trusted to do the business who can !
      PS : palace are definitely missing Conor Gallagher. You’ve got to replace your best players ha ha …
      Impressive length of reply without actually answering the very simple question.

      See if you can actually bring yourself to answer the question, short format, no essays, weaker or stronger, it’s one or the other…
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      We are weaker but so are they. Relegation 6-pointer here we come.
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      Weaker but stronger than this time last year.

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      Weaker.. the general feel of the thread is weaker but richer..

      Question has to be will we get decent incoming players this window? (please no re hash of the loanees returning, or the outlay on Enciso). I actually mean will we show some ambition in buying some quality to re invigorate the squad?
      Most clubs can handle selling 1 key player. So far we have sold 2 (TWO) and our top scorer for the past 3 seasons could well go too. Call me Naive, over worried, but its hardly like we have a production line of left backs OR strikers ready and waiting to fill champions league standard players departing..
      The way this window has gone I would not be in the slightest bit surprised to see bids come in now for Sanchez and Trossard. And then it would be very interesting to see if money OR total destabilization of a squad is going to be the driving factor..
      Dont get me wrong, I understand the need for balancing books, but if we become complacent that we are now a top half team and we will be alright, look at what happened in previous years to teams such as Leeds and Sheff Utd..
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      I'd say we are a little weaker. I am excited about the returning loanees though.

      I think that we will struggle a little more than last season and I am expecting a bit of a rebuild season as the team evolves a little. I don't think we will hit the top half again this season but longer term I believe we will be stronger.

      This may all change if we spend a bit in the remainder of the window before it gently kisses closed . . . although I don't think we will spend a huge amount.

      Some patience will be required this season.

      Edit: We have plenty of players who have the potential to 'step up' this season as influential players in the team, influential enough to cover the influence of our outgoing players.
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      Weaker, obviously. We've lost one of the best midfielders in the league and one of the best lb/lwb's in the league. At the moment we haven't brought anyone in to replace them so it's difficult to argue we're stronger.

      The question really is: how much weaker?

      I think we can cover for Bissouma without too much loss of performance. We have plenty of quality in that area if not a direct replacement for his specific skill set.

      It's Cucu that in terms of the team is the bigger loss, I think. Excellent as a LWB but also as a CB. He brought to our team the thrusting forward runs from the back that Ben White provided and which we had been lacking since he moved to Arsenal. March can do a solid job deputising at LWB but that would then mean Lamptey playing regularly on the other side. Is he up to that? And if he isn't then it means Veltman playing there, or March swapping flanks and Trossard going to LWB. Doable but not ideal and stretches our resources thin.

      We need to replace Cucu, it would be nice to replace Bissouma.

      That all said even if we replace neither I think we'll have enough about us to stay up just not to maintain a top half finish. There are plenty of positives to look forward to for the coming season.


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