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    Pie eating, there was a HINT of humble on tasting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorset Seagull View Post
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    F1 is shitehouse
    Reality had hit hard

    NSC needed levelling up.

    The task was huge, but someone had to do it.

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      You have not really justified your point here as "Tory Meltdown Incoming" is a statement and "Will the Unions bring everyone to their knees?" is clearly a question, and the answer is not clearly no they won't, because they could.
      Its only the start from the Unions, surely you agree with that?
      Hotels, pubs, and restaurants for example have been smashed to kingdom come by the lockdown, and the RMT cut their lifeblood off again as they scrambled from their knees to stand upright. So if the RMT and other Unions keep disrupting our economy, it could theoretically bring us to our knees.

      There was NO thread on a National Daily News item, it surely needed discussing, in an open way, it really isn't my fault if people think after giving my views that I should change my mind to their view.
      I have seen all they have to say and I stand in defence it is the wrong time to be beating the country with a heavy stick, and personally 85% of the time there just are not justified in striking.

      It still amazes me that I am expected to accept others' theories and points of view yet, the same people can not except mine, they just throw insults.
      Yet you let it happen.

      Anyway, I'm off this subject to watch a sport we can all agree on F1.
      Firstly, it’s the Government which is beating the rest of the country with a heavy stick, if only by dint of its incompetence.

      Secondly, F1 bores me to tears, as does tennis, which is topical at the moment.
      "In football, everything is complicated by the presence of the opposing team". Jean-Paul Sartre.


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