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    Bands that were better in a reincarnation

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    Following on from the Tull thread, can you think of a band you liked that 'rebooted' and became better? I'm going to suggest we stick only to bands with a catalogue of substance - that have been going 30 plus years.

    I'd like to kick off with The Opposition. The Marcus Bell reboot (Love and Betrayal, Blinder) are streets ahead of the Mark Long dominated past stuff, even though I love Mark Long.

    Sadly there are no Love and Betrayal or Blinder tracks on youtube. Marcus had stage fright and what looks to me like Aspergers (I exchanged a few emails) which is tragic not least because Love and Betrayal is such a stunning record. I don't know how to put music on youtube. Perhaps I should look into it.

    This thread isn't going well Apologies.

    Edit - I found one track from Blinder. Shocking poor upload

    Here is one of their old tracks. The upgrade . . . .<sigh>


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