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    Goes to show that Baker Lite is either trolling, using any excuse to continue being a WUM. Whether that be anti-semitism, faux outrage at anti-semitism and racism, claiming to be part Jewish etc or he is anti-semitic and racist. Strange thing to change your avatar to, a racist man who seems to have an agenda against the Jews.

    Trolling or a genuine supporter of a racist man with some very, very questionable opinions on Jews?

    Either way, not a pleasant individual.

    As an aside. If Farage had ever got any real power, I strongly suspect he would begin imposing sanctions on Jewish communities. It's my belief that he is a Neo-Nazi and holds anti-semitic convictions. A dangerous man who has influence over a great many fools.
    Says the Charlie that voted for the Labour Party in the recent,local election..
    Lord love us and save us.


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