Recently taken delivery of my new broadband router for Vodafone. As is normal, when a contract ends I shop around and Vodafone offered the best price for fast fibre so signed up. Previously with Talk Talk and others before that and decent reception for WiFi all around the house. I do have a Netgear extender for the furthest rooms. But as I say, all worked well for years.
Plugged in the router and away we go, zilch. Blimey this is slow. Checking my WiFi reception it was around 2 Mbps. I left it a few days and tried again. Just as bad. On the phone I went and spoke to their technical team. He came up with every excuse he could, fridge, cooker, microwave, wrong room, too low, too high in fact he must have gone through his complete list. We changed cables once, twice, and then again because something was wrong. Hooking up a laptop to the router sure enough 65 Mbps via lan cable. But WiFi stayed at under 4 Mbps as soon as I walked further than a few yards away. The Netgear extender wouldn't work as it could not pick up a signal to extend. The router was pathetic but they wouldn't agree.
Yesterday I took delivery of a £73 TP-Link router which took 5 minutes to plug in. 45 Mbps in furthest room without extender. Magic.
Moral of this Monday morning story, avoid Vodafone broadband.