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    Ben White played a few games in centre midfield when Kalvin Phillips was injured. He was nothing special as a midfielder, did a job, but that's all. More than 40 games he played as the right-sided centre back. He reads the game well, intercepts well and released the ball early to start our attacks. One thing we have noticed this season from the pundits is that none of them watched us much last season and spout nonsense about Bielsa burnout etc. His first season the problem was Roofe was our main striker and he got injured and Bamford wasn't fully fit having missed a large chunk of the season and there was also the mental issue of getting promoted after 16 years outside the Premier. What Bielsa is really good at is identifying where players should play and then improving them individually. If you asked any Leeds fan before they were promoted would Bamford and Jack Harrison score 25 premier league goals between them nobody would have believed you. Then when you consider how good Stuart Dallas has been, Luke Ayling - our goalkeeper had only played 10 games for us before promotion. Strujik had only played 5 times (more in midfield than defence). Plus his 4 major signings - raphinha, Koch, Llorente and Rodrigo have only been on the pitch together for 19 minutes. Bielsa has transformed the entire club and city. Our U23's only got Cat A status last year but romped the Premier League 2. They play in exactly the same style as the first team. To finish top half in the EPL is difficult. Apart from West ham the top 6 aren't going anywhere soon. Then you have Arsenal and Spurs who are massively wealthy clubs. Can't believe Everton will be as bad again next season and Villa have spent well over 200 million during the 2 years since they were promoted. Like all recently promoted clubs the first target is to remain in the division. Anything on top is a bonus.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Southern Scouse View Post
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      You simply cannot do that if you sell our two best players, hoping to fill the gaps with younger up coming prospects as youíll more than likely slip down into that relegation group at the bottom and start yo yoing again.
      Brighton at this moment cannot afford the quality of player needed to replace those two, whatever the price as we donít have that statue as a club to entice similar ones of equal quality.
      I know what youíre saying, and itís probably the standard logic followed by most clubs. But we are never going to buy a ready made replacement for Biss or White. Thatís not the model weíre following.

      Whenever we sell we will have succession planning already prepared. We will buy young, cheap, talented prospects and aim to develop them into top flight internationals.


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