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  • Never agreed with it at football matches but wouldn't boo

    71 23.75%
  • Never agreed with it from the beginning and will boo

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  • Love it and long may it continue

    84 28.09%
  • Agreed with the gesture to begin with but want it to stop now

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    taking the knee - what are your thoughts

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    just wondering what Brighton fans thoughts are currently

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      I think it’s bollocks but I certainly wouldn’t boo it

      I doubt even one person has been influenced and changed their attitude.

      I doubt that every footballer agrees with it but the pressure to do it would result in a complete media shit storm if a player didn’t do it.
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      Happy for the players to do whatever they think is best. Neither here nor there for me. I support the anti-discrimination cause. There shouldn't be pressure or judgement though.

      I don't know why some folk get so wound up about it. Some may think it identifies with a political movement. I don't think that is the intent.

      I'm not sure this will survive the Bear Pit though. Reasonable discourse has a shelf limit on these threads.
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      I think it has had its time now and the impact is pretty much zero going forwards.

      I'd have scrapped it at the end of last season as they'll now be doing it ad infinitum.

      But booing it is an utter disgrace.
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      My thoughts are that we've had this thread several times before and that your extremely limited poll options betray your real motives.
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      It winds up the racists so it gets the thumbs up from me.
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      Thoughts are that this will turn out like every other thread we've had on the same subject since last autumn. It will attract the same posters making exactly the same points, convincing nobody to change their original stance. It will result in multiple 'post reports' and eventually get closed as frankly it is more trouble than it's worth trying to moderate something that turns toxic within 3 pages.

      But I may be wrong.
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      Poll options are ludicrously skewed.

      Anything that annoys racist twats is good, so hopefully they double the length of kneeling time.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Guinness Boy View Post
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      My thoughts are that we've had this thread several times before and that your extremely limited poll options betray your real motives.
      I searched for 'knee' before posting and couldnt find anything - apologies

      and I certainly dont have any motives whatsoever


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