I tend to stay out of this sub-forum, because two sides who will never see the other's perspective and go round and round n the same old circles holds absolutely no appeal for me whatsoever.

However, in having a quick scan today I'm less than delighted, although perhaps not surprised, at how things have gone.

From now on, every time someone is abusive or resorts to name-calling, an infraction (warning) will be given. Multiple infractions automatically become bans - initially temporary and short but, ultimately. permanent.

If I look at threads and see someone has been abusive five times, each of those five occurrences will receive a warning. Depending on your past actions, this could very well tip you over the edge into a very long, if not permanent ban. If that happens, the ban will stick and you will no longer be welcome to use the site.

Some of you have been using NSC for nearly 20 years. I'm not sure it's worth losing access to the site for the sake of calling someone a name who will never agree with you, regardless of what you say.

You will not have any further warnings, and these is no excuse.

Play nicely or don't play at all.