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Thread: Race Stand Chat

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    Race Stand Chat

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    Should NSC now be renamed RSC?

    Occasionally football discussion breaks out, but more often than not itís mud slinging National, racist, religion, LGBT, gender and polar politics. And not just because of international breaks! The bear pit was a positive step and removed many such threads; but the main board is still populated by lots of tiresome Ďdebates.í Noticed many former posters have disappeared from here now, seemingly for good.

    Anyway, anyone know of any good football discussion websites?! Maybe thatís where they went?
    ďEverything about this looks wrong. The run-up is too long, too straight, and you know itís going over the bar ... it goes over the bar, and Brighton have stolen a trip to Wembley! That is an absolute burglary! And that is the FA Cup!Ē


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