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    Quote Originally Posted by GREASED WEASEL View Post
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    Rachid Harkouk
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      Can't believe Jack is leading this.
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      OK I'm going to go against the grain here. The only blatant dive was from Trezeuget when he pathetically tried to buy that injury time pen.

      Grealish holds on to the ball, dribbles a lot, is very direct and gets endlessly clipped as a result. There's a very clear difference between diving, and drawing the challenge. He is a supremely talented player who engineers himself into threatening positions, but I don't see him then throwing himself to the floor. There's always a lunge involved, or a bundle over, or a little clip on the heels. Thats his game, its what he draws, but its still the oppo's choice whether to make that contact.

      There's plenty to dislike in terms of his overall look, some of his off-field antics etc. But he is one HELL of a player, and I'd have him in our no10 shirt in a heartbeat.
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      Zaha generally comes off as quite a likeable guy if you take away the Palace aspect. Grealish on the other hand, I can't stand. I'll support him for England but the second that England top comes off he's a *****.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Me and my Monkey View Post
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      Zara conducted himself admirably during first lockdown. Grealish didn't. He’s a ****.
      Only just seen the incident.
      Agree he is a ****
      He goes down easier than a lady from Soho on nights
      I was surprised so many were confident pre-game and Brighton did exactly what they’ve done to us for the past few games but they actually bothered scoring this time. Hopefully this is the end of two up top when one of those forward is Carroll. It’s really impressive what Brighton have done since Hughton. It must be nice believing in a system and sticking with it. Basically what we had and lost under Rafa despite how pundits described it
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      Grealish is definitely a player that we would love to have in our team but hate him in opposition , he's matured from his partying days , during the season anyway and has a great engine , he will drive any team and i'd expect him to go to one of the big 4 soon ........i recently found out after meeting my daughters possible , future in laws that he is her boyfriends cousin ffs... he never mentioned it once as he is a manure fan and not interested in villa and hopes they go down ..... twatt..!

      definitely a bit of tall poppy syndrome going on here ....he is the new golden boy but has been disliked on this board for years......gut wrenching for some ..


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