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    Has this been the most FRUSTRATING season of ALL TIME ??

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    Chelsea 1-3 - play well, lose to a stupid error, a worldy and a maHOOsive fluke deflection
    Man Utd 2-3 - play well, hit the woodwork x5 (some kind of record), lose to a goal after the final whistle (some kind of record)
    Palace 1-1 - play them off the park for the full 90, fall behind to one of the scabbiest pens you'll ever see, and end up chasing down 1 point that should have been 3
    WBA 1-1 - play them off the park for 45 minutes but fail to put them away, then inexplicably STINK the place out second half and lucky to get a point
    Spurs 1-2 - play well, loads of the ball. Get cheated by ANOTHER scabby pen that wasn't
    Burnley 0-0 - play them off the park, 19 efforts on goal, same old story

    Newcastle was great obvs. Everton is the only game I've felt we've really been deservedly well beaten. We are architects of our own downfall in most of these games, but are we also unlucky ? Or are we just SHIT ?
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      So far, yes it probably has been.
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      Most frustrating season in the premier league. I found the mid nineties more frustrating seasons
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      Yes absolutely. I'm almost glad we aren't allowed at games. Most of my time watching the Albion, the football has been much worse and we've often been awful but this has been unbelievably frustrating (mostly because we look so good in the middle third of the pitch) and I'm not convinced anything is going to change anytime soon.
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      Has this been the most FRUSTRATING season of ALL TIME ??

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      Up there definitely.

      It’s also one of the most perplexing. I have no idea what to make of us as a team at the moment.
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      Spot on Dave. Could have massive amounts of points on the board
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      I don't know what the problem is. They are set up well, they create far more opportunities than before. So I haven't a clue (like most who seem to think they do but change their mind on a whim).
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      It is frustrating. But reversal to the mean is coming. Can't keep making this many chances and not start scoring. Will happen
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      It just feels like we’re cursed as we’ve playing well in pretty much every match this season yet only won once. Especially when awful teams like Newcastle and Palace seem able to pick up points despite having one or two attacks a match.

      This is summed up by the fact that only Liverpool have had more shots than us this season and only Man City have faced fewer shots.
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      At the start of the season we would have had two penalties tonight, both for crosses/shots blocked by defenders arms.

      How many deflected shots have we conceded from? (Admittedly these have stopped since Dunk was suspended)


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