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    Quote Originally Posted by Uh_huh_him View Post
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    You must have missed Burn's inability to get two inches off the ground, when the ball came in, due to Kouyate's warm embrace.
    As i said if the ball was on it's way over then fair enough. I ain't sat here watching re runs on the game. End of the day we were the better team and should've won. Once again we didn't.

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      To be fair to palace fans, everyone on their forum agrees it wasnt a pen in a million years too - not that that helps :-(
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      Quote Originally Posted by Easy 10 View Post
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      Batshuayi did an entirely typical Palace snide on us. Attwell was THICK enough to buy it. Then the VAR ref Friend (of Palace) was weak enough to just "meh" it. Either that or he was getting another KitKat CHUNKY from the vending machine at the time of the incident, sat back down and said "yeah, err, crack on Stu".

      Either way BOTH of these chronic idiotic DILBERTS should be officiating at no higher level than Morecombe vs Forest Green Rovers next weekend to re-learn their trade, although I'd still feel guilty at inflicting these hapless catastrophic spunkmeisters on anyone else in the EFL right now.
      Yes. Aren't the football league clubs suffering enough?
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      Having had to watch the game on my phone yesterday, I stand corrected now I’ve seen it on a proper screen. Absolute joke of a decision.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Grimble View Post
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      You’ve been had pal.

      Who started the contact?
      In reflection after just seeing the incident again, Lamptey didn’t foul the CP player in any shape or form.

      The CP player cheated.

      Absolutely shocking by the lucky dip of VAR not to overturn the decision of their mate.
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      Think Potter’s response was correct; if you raise your arms you give the referee an excuse but it was very soft. Pathetic even.

      If you watch the hands on Dan Burn, at the corner, after the ref had spoken to him and the opponent, you will see a similarly soft penalty which should have been given if the ref wanted to be consistent.
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      One of the softest penalty decisions I have seen.

      At the other end I wouldn’t have expected to get the same decision so no, not for me.

      My Palace mate says he was amazed VAR didn’t reverse the decision. The fact that Lamptey had his hands on him was a natural reaction to someone falling against you.

      Lucky lucky side. They deserved nothing from their inept performance on the day!
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      Less of a penalty than Dan Burn being blatantly bear-hugged during our attack


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