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Thread: Divock Origi

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIFFBROOK View Post
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    Isnt that the same for any player?

    What is set is the max sale fee from the start for Liverpool. I guess, if he is worth £50m in 2 or 3 years time, then whoever buys him has lost £14m.
    Not really. The fact Liverpool have a guaranteed 'future' value, who if he is as good as the potential is surely worth more than £36M.

    It does not really fit in with how we have operated in looking for good, undervalued players and look to make an increase
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      You're looking at this the wrong way people.

      Divock has investigated Brighton, likes what he has found and is now following Shane Duffy's genius approach. Start having some shockers so the club aren't so worried about losing you, or the price. Then join the Albion and display your true potential. Mark my words, he'll score an own goal or get a red within his next two games.

      It's on.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Springal View Post
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      Brewster looks like a bad deal though. £20M for the player, but Liverpool also want £36M buy back clause. So basically if he turns out to be PL quality then we 'only' make £16M. Or if he isn't that good he's still cost us £20M+ wages
      If he is quality though, we will comfortably make a lot more than a £16million profit by a) staying in the Premier League, and b) placing higher up the table (£2m a place).
      If he is as good as he is rated, we will also get to see a top player in the making, making his name at the Amex. If we come out of that after 2 years and then have £36m and are a more attractive prospect to replace him, fantastic.

      If he isn't up to scratch, we have paid a similar amount on the gambles that we've been making on forward players pretty consistently in the PL years so far. Maupay, Trossard, Locadia, Jahanbakhsh, all cost close to the £20m mark.
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      Liverpool wont buy this lad back unless he is ridiculously good.... in which case we get a couple of great years out of him.

      They are looking at players like Mbappe etc going forward..
      Time for some proper football, win lose or draw :-)
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      We don’t absolutely have to get someone better than what we have.......ideally yes but not essential. We do need someone to complement what we have though as we’re a bit thin in the event of injury, and Maupay/Connolly need competition. Is Origi good enough for that ? Of course he ****ing is.
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      He scored a cracking goal against Lincoln late in the game where he ran from the halfway line to collect the ball and put away a difficult first time finish plus he set up another goal with a cushioned header to a player running in behind him, he a quality player big strong and fast, if we were to sign him and it's a big if I would be delighted


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