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    There were literally no choices at the last election - Johnson won playing the Brexit card.

    Unfortunately he has been utterly abysmal as a leader at pretty much everything else and has been shown up as woeful during this pandemic. I do agree though that a dithering Corbyn may actually have been even worse.

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      I will say one thing in Boris' defense, as we have some similarities, uncoordinated, bumbling, oaf-like, incoherent, unruly (but glorious) hair.

      As I'm also not qualified for the job of PM I too would have to crawl over 100's of careers just to get the top job.

      Should I have managed that, (thanks in no small part to the Labour Party), and I had been PM since December, the country would still be broke now - so be fair it's not easy being Boris.

      Sure we'd be broke because no child would be hungry, homeless.
      All NHS staff would be completed protected.
      Everybody will be working a 4 day week.
      Everyone will have to own a puppy.
      Mental Health and Social Care providers would be over funded.
      Free ice cream for all.

      But those are just semantics, which I'm sure Boris will get round too eventually.
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      The frustrating thing is Labour finally have a leader with real stature and credibility, yet he'll have to wait until 2024 to get a shot at running the country.
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      Here’s an example of how bad they are.

      So many essential services not being funded. Even footballers are stepping in to cover the shortfall. And what does Boris think is a good way to spend £100,000 + ?

      Why, painting the union flag on his plane. Of course.
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      Quote Originally Posted by midnight_rendezvous View Post
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      And Johnson and his party have also handed out £100bn tax breaks and giveaways to super-rich donors. Fun times eh?
      I would like to see your source. Can you provide a link please?
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      I'm heartily sick of these threads. Same old suspects having a pop at the same old suspects. Who knew a left right poll would veer sharp left on NSC? I know - I don't have to read them, but everyone picks a spot sometime.

      Any chance of a bear pit review within an hour of posting every new thread?
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      Quote Originally Posted by portslade seagull View Post
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      Some cannot get over it
      If you're facing at least four .. almost certainly 9 more years of Tory government then starting numerous threads about how crap the government is might seem a bit futile although it may serve as essential therapy
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      Not another Brexit thread.
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