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    They do seem to pander to those amongst us that " don't like all these foreigners coming in with their bleedin 'Uman Rights "... Sadly it strikes a chord.... Add the more recent "What have the Labour Party done for us in the last ten years? At least the Tories are promising more police and hospitals and jobs.."

    So you can see the problem, the Tories can spin anything negative as somehow being a positive. This to the extent that we are not far behind the standards of denial that the Republican party are currently enjoying.
    Personally, I think so called Red Wall voters should be asking themselves, What have the Torydone for us in the last ten years? They been in power...

    Johnson and his cronies are pretending the last decade of austerity was nothing to do with them, its like it was someone else.

    But when the last batch of snake oil doesn't work, hey buy some more and we'll donate the profits to our mates..
    April 2016, Vote Leave - "We know that we can only safeguard business from EU red tape by leaving the EU "

    Jan 2021, HMRC - "Cost of customs declarations post Brexit, £7.5 Billion per annum"


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