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    When will we, and when should we next play at the Amex in front of a full house?

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    Genuinely interested in what people think. Personally I forecast that we will see a match with a full attendance late Oct early Nov - worst case around Christmas.

    However, assuming the next season starts early September I absolutely believe there is no reason (providing there is no second major spike) that the first match shouldn't be played in front of a crowd as usual. I'm of the opinion that the world has gone slightly mad in their forecast of never ending social distancing and, whilst there will always be a degree of risk until there is a vaccine, we really need to be getting back to normality now. I understand some may not want to take the risk but there is risk in everything we do and, as long as we can revert to behind closed doors should the virus return in force and everyone agrees that this can be done at the start of the season we should be fine.


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