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    I had a whatsapp from my mate saying there was a 'coronavirus party' in Wandsworth last night (not verified)

    I'm in Tenerife and in lockdown and most people are respecting it. But a few, and I regret all Brit's as far as I could tell are ignoring. Have made two trips out one to pharmacy and one to get food passed a couple small groups chatting in street, a couple jogging in full gear, and couples in shop when we're told only one person out at a time. Many also look like they are using our local shop as some sort of informal meeting point

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      Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
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      If we totally cut off contact with people then we'll create more problems than the virus will alone.
      Think that's a popular misconception of social distancing though, it's not about totally cutting off contact.
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      Fairly seriously, but I'm on catch-up with my wife (who keeps telling me off for not being serious enough).

      We've denied our son a play-date with his friend after school tonight - he's a neighbour only a few doors down, and they're in the same class at school, but there'll be other family members in their house and they had visitors in the last couple of days.
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      Came back from Spain on Monday. Should have been there until April. Where we were had very little CV but we kept our distance anyway.
      Now we're back we're quarantining ourselves for a fortnight just in case. I spoke to the doc yesterday on an unrelated matter and he asked about our trip and if we had symptoms (we dont). He said it was wise to quarantime but it is ok to go out, just keep a 2m gap if possible.
      We're avoiding shops if possible but had to go out yesterday to buy milk and pick up meds.
      Don't intend to go to pubs/restaurants etc until it's considered "safe" again.
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      Though I despise the media for scaring the nation, I AM taking the social distancing seriously. Was in Innsbruck for a short break last week, got back Thursday. Four days of planes, trains and cable cars, hanging around airports, moving away from coughers, hand washing like a demon. Since I got back I have tried to be socially reponsible by social distancing as far as practical, despite having absolutely nothing in the way of symptoms. Not been to the gym, not been on a bus, not been in a pub. Been trying to shop in at my local corner shop and offie and in the Open Market in the fresh air. Would not have gone to the Arsenal match because the dear friend who sits next to me at football is 70 years old. This will be my regime until 14 days have passed since I got home. I've had asthma all my life, am not that far off the at risk age group, and suppose I should feel anxious about this thing. But I don't.The only thing that terrifies me about it is the thought of inadventently passing it on to somebody I care about. Or to somebody I've never met, come to that.
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      I've closed my office and asked everyone to WFH.

      Go out when I have to but early or late and avoid if possible.

      Have visited my quiet local and had a pint but fear that'll be the last in some time.

      Kids are at school so there's a "hand wash" routine on returning and they have hand sanitisers in their bags.
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      The over 70s (9 in total) I’ve spoken to unanimously say they’ve no intention of staying indoors and it will be largely ‘business as usual.’
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      Zero contact with the outside world for me. Will have to pop to the greengrocer within the next week or so though.
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      I am WFH and haven’t seen a soul other than my wife this week. My house is pretty remote which helps.

      If people don’t take it seriously then the Gov’t will make them.
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      Having my retirement party at my place on sunday.Will be interesting to see what happens.Although I'm having my party I have postponed my actual retirement date.Bloody China.


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