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    A bit worried, yes. I run a conservation charity with a lot of employees in Indonesia. Our funding is part grants, which are at least secure for the next couple of years, and part direct donations - which I have to be worried about, as no doubt fund raising is going to be very difficult in coming months. And we also get income from university field courses and postgraduate students coming to our research camps in Borneo, and of course they are all cancelling. So several things being put on hold for time being.

    Can cover our wages til Christmas, but the funding slow down is likely to impact 2021 more.

    On the plus side, this virus could really be the breakthrough we need to stop animal trafficking to China, and 2020 is going to have exceptionally low carbon emissions.

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      Think I'll be ok, construction design. Budget announcement was a boost to my work in science and research sector. I work from home a lot anyway.

      Can see a massive impact to a lot of industries though and a government/leader who doesn't give a damn and is only skilled in lying.

      With goons in charge us and the states may be the ones that come out of this worst ultimately.

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      Quote Originally Posted by mune ni kamome View Post
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      Nearly all my income now coming from company pension and as from this month, Old Age Pension, so financially Iím almost unaffected. The downside is of course Iím in the riskier age range
      Me too. Although the value of the pension pot might be hit if the markets suffer. Mrs DiS's pension is an index linked teacher's pension, though, so we'll be ok.

      But I feel for others!!!!!! Our kids should be OK as well. Elder daughter works for the Welsh Assembly in training role, her husband is Customs Officer (!), #2 daughter is a doctor, training to be a GP, and her partner is a (very good) science teacher.

      Working in public service has its advantages, but they are all under enormous pressure at the moment got reasons other than coronavirus..
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      Is YOUR livelihood threatened by Coronavirus (almost certainly a depressing thread)

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      Work in sales for an IT manufacturer. Likely will see some delay where customers prioritise BCP and remote working rather than what we do

      Also manufacturing is in Asia, already seen 2-3 months of 0 or reduced manufacturing output since Chinese New Year. So impact will be 3-6 months time when there is no inventory

      50% of my income is performance / sales based, so donít sell anything donít see the 50%. Also company share price about 40% down in last 6 weeks so likely to have impact
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      If there is a lockdown, I will be totally wiped out. I am a soletrader (not food or medicine) who will have to shut whilst still paying for rent, insurance, telephones etc etc
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      Not directly, but a certain irony as Iím quite likely to be made redundant shortly. Can easily work from home for the vast majority of time. Whilst the firm is suffering from Covid (weíre an Asia-dominated business) and now the market turmoil and will undoubtedly make further cutbacks as a result, itís in no way threatened.

      The market crash is really badly timed for me stopping work in terms of my pension pot though - will have to delay drawing on it for much longer than anticipated I reckon so will be living off savings/redundancy.
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      A friends daughter is a cleaner last week she had half of her regular calls cancelled as people currently don't want people in there homes. I work in a local plumbers merchant and last week was really quiet, it's going to be a tough few months, I can see many independent shops going down the pan (not just a plumbing reference).
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      I've just started a couple of months work for an organisation to arrange space at events for the summer. As you can imagine, I'll be dealing with cancellations as much as opportunities now.
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      Phone calls have dried up a bit but luckily got a few jobs / materials ready to go if things go tits up.

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      Quote Originally Posted by stingray View Post
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      I work as a travel writer, mainly guidebooks. No one is commissioning anything, insurers are not covering trips so there's little or no work on the horizon at all for months. I'm ok-ish as just finished a project and don't live beyond my means. Plan to travel around the UK a bit and catch up with friends in distant spots over next few weeks.
      Don't mean to be rude but is this not the opposite of social distancing and self isolating?


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