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    It's a drastic change in the way we play. In a 4-4-1-1 there was always plenty of protection in the middle of the park and Duffy & Dunk formed an excellent partnership dealing with balls into the box. We now have fullbacks who attack more and a central midfield that move the ball further up the pitch meaning our defence is now exposed.

    Webster does make some mistakes but so would Duffy if given the game time, equally Dunk has made more this season than last. It's all about progress and Potter is unlikely to change his philosophy because of the odd error
    Spot on. I'd add that we defend much higher up the pitch under Potter, and it's Webster's pace that enables us to do that. Dunk hasn't got much, and neither has Duffy, but plenty of our fans haven't quite twigged that we're now playing a completely different system to the last three where D&D did a fantastic job while, at the same time, over-protecting our defence made us utterly toothless in attack.


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