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    Player Ratings Arsenal - Brighton

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    Matt Ryan 8 - world class saves etc, as usual. If he was a bit better with his feet and in the air he would be consiered a top, top keeper

    Dan Burn - Im just gonna go ahead and avoid him again. Its difficult. Every team tries to abuse his lack of speed and mobility and when they create something its often from his wing. On the other hand this is a 197 cm left wing back who week out and week in performs decent against the best and fastest wingers and wing backs of the world.

    Lewis Dunk 7 - good, lost the strikers a few times but generally yet another class performance.

    Adam Webster 8 - no mistakes today and a nice lil goal to add to that.

    Steven Alzate 7 - just a very mature and competent player and seems able to play in any position

    Aaron Mooy 9 - world class midfielder. I was sceptic about signing him permanently as we need to add more pace, but... I'll have to back out of that one. Of course he needs to be bought.

    Dale Stephens 7 - did Dale Stephens stuff.

    Davy Pröpper 6 - some people whining about him today again but I think he was alright. Really needs a goal or something to boost his confidence a bit.

    Pascal Gross 6 - not too succesfull in the open play and while a few free kickcs and corners were so-so, I think his delivery most of the time was good enough.

    Aaron Connolly 7 - the man got a bit of tunnel vision and overcomplicates a few things but his running and ball control always makes it feel dangerous when he is on the run.

    Neal Maupay 9 - was my man of the match already before the goal. Really showed class tonight; the running, the pressure, the ability to get to shooting positions, the goal, even his playmaking is really good. Give it two years and the man will be considered one of the best (or at least most useful) forwards in the world.

    Montoya 7 - he sort of played too little but it somehow felt safe and nice to have him on the pitch tonight.

    Tross & Duffy played too little.

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      All 10
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      Everyone a 10 in my eyes due to the shift they put in.

      In particular, Mooy was bloody awesome and I thought Davy (minus a few backwards passes) was really good tonight.
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      Ryan 9.5
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      It's a 10 from me

      Special mention for Alzate. Something about him i really like. Think he's going to be very special.
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      Ryan 7 - could he have done better for the goal? I think so but he’s been our player of the season up to now
      Alzate - 9 an upgrade on Montoya
      Burn - 8
      Dunk - 8
      Webster - 8
      Stephens - 8
      Propper - 6
      Mooy - 10
      Gross - 8
      Connolly - 8
      Maupay - 9
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      Everyone brilliant. Mooy MoM, get that man signed to a permanent as soon as the window opens
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      Quote Originally Posted by djentist View Post
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      Everyone brilliant. Mooy MoM, get that man signed to a permanent as soon as the window opens
      Absolutely. Such a tidy player. Love him
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      We were a team, Arsenal were 11 quality players not playing as a team. 10 for all of them from me. MASSIVE win
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      Ryan 7 would have been an 8 but the goal we conceded really grated.
      Alzate 8 is a phenomenal player, poise, energy and discipline.
      Webster 7 very composed goal a tad too casual in distribution which puts pressure on the team unnecessarily
      Dunk 7 just love this man, can see him scoring mire goals this season
      Burn 8 he has so much energy and constantly looks to get forward, had his hands full with the 70 million pound Pepe but did really well.
      Stephens 8 what a player, a different man to last year and he must love playing for Potter
      Proper 7 we have seen the real Proper in the last 2 games
      Mooy 10 how good is this guy, a Rolls Royce of a player. One of the best midfield performances, I have seen from a Brighton player. I’ve never given a 10 in a player ratings. I would break the bank to get him in the window.
      Connolly 8 draws so many free kicks, absolute school boy player in the best sense in that he chases everything and gives everything
      Maupay 8 beautiful header for the goal, aggressive and dynamic but doesn’t always pick the best option.
      Gross 7 another player who has done well under GP, intelligent and full of good ideas
      Montoya 8 thought he was the perfect substitute and a real quality player to bring off the bench with so many games coming up, it’s great to have depth in the squad
      Trossard 7 lovely lovely player, would have been a goal of the year contender if it had gone in. A genuine world class player in the making
      Duffy 8 love the man, such a disciplined player and character

      Potter 10 phenomenal manager, changed tact when needed, gives the players carte Blanche to play joyous, positive football and his impact on our club has been outstanding. We have come through a very tough spell but not once have the players heads dropped or Potters philosophy been abandoned. A wonderful time to be a Brighton fan.

      Opposition absolutely woeful one ten minute spell of sustained pressure, no urgency in defense that is one team in need of a complete overhaul.

      Referee 8 thought he was really good, let the game flow and didn’t fall for Arsenal’s desperate attempts to get free kicks
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