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I’ve never been a particularly anxious person, but I’ve completely lost my nerve when it comes to flying. I’m fully aware of the safety stats and read up on how a plane stays in the air and all that stuff, so I know the fear that’s left is irrational, but I just can’t shake it.

It has meant missing out on a trip I would’ve really enjoyed this weekend, and also previously meant having to drive a ludicrously long way for a family wedding rather than a fairly short flight.

Any advice or tips from people who have struggled with flight anxiety?
Mrs W is exactly the same. She flew for years quite happily ( ex-husband worked for BA so lots of cheap flights ). Then all of a sudden she couldn't travel on transport that she couldn't get out of - aircraft being a perfect example. Went to therapy but that didn't help. Last year she got a job that meant she would have to fly and so went to her doctor. Now she just takes Valium given to her by her doctor. Knocks her out for the flight and can leave her a little drowsy the other end for a couple of hours but it's extended where we can travel completely. I'd suggest going to your doctor - just as long as you don't need to do too many flights, because Valium is addictive, then your doctor should give you some. We do about three return flights a year and Mrs W's doctor is still happy to give it. Be warned though - it makes you dribble !!!!