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    What Is The Most Environmentally Friendly Vehicle?

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    We want to change our 10 year old petrol car for something more environentally friendly. I do realise the most environmentally friendly thing would be not to own a car at all and where I live in London I do mainly cycle. I share the car with my wife and to see our families family in rural Sussex and Essex it's so much easier to drive. We only do about 5,000 miles per year.

    I am not sure electric is the answer - what about the environmental impact and rare materials mined for electric batteries? Where does the electricity get generated? Is it renewable? However the carbon emissions from fossil fuel powered vehicles probably make them worse. It's confusing; I don't know much about cars apart from how to drive one!

    Anyone know anything or where to start finding information? My biggest concerns are low impact on the environment and reliability. Cheers for any wisdom out there.
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