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    Spot on!

    We'd all like 100% conversion of good chances but even the very best miss pretty frequently (as your stats show).

    Maupay, Connolly and Trossard are all virtually brand new to both BHA and the Premier League.

    The fact that we've scored 3 goals in 3 games already suggests that this won't be a problem this season. We managed that just twice the whole of last season in the Premier League!

    I hope Maupay doesn't read these threads! He ran his heart out on Saturday and I'd be pretty pi***ed off if I read this level of criticism......

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    I always think that if you're getting into space to have chances, you're doing the lion's share of the job. Finishing is invariably linked with confidence and I'm sure his will grow. Connolly didn't score but I thought wasn't far off Alzate for man of the match. Very happy with the centre forwards at this point, and more than confident both will get better as the season progresses.


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