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    Quote Originally Posted by the right footed denilson View Post
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    Then we need Gross to play along side him. If you play two in midfield one has to make incisive passes. Propper didn't do that today.
    The intention for over two seasons seems to be Propper’s that man, the player is adored on NSC. Elegant, he looks the part, but does he produce assist after assist? We’ll just have to see if Propper thrives, he’s being given the chance to every single match.

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      Ryan 6 Held every ball well
      Webster 7 His best game for us.
      Dunk 7.5 His usual coolness and last ditch tackling
      Burn 5 Not his day unfortunately
      Montoya 6 No where near as bad as many on here have said.
      Steohens 9 what a player MOM yet again. Everything good that we do goes thru him.
      Propper 7.5 Unsung hero who contributes a lot that goes un noticed
      Gross 7 Plenty of effort and awareness .to promote others.
      Alzate 8 Good game very impressive.
      Mooy 8.5 Was the outlet for Stephens passes in the first half but tired due to lack of match practice.
      Maupay 7 Lead the attacks well with thought and movement and could perhaps should have scored.
      Connolly 6 Showed what he can do and Was unlucky not to score
      issoumma 6 Got into the game very quick after coming on and it augers well for the future.
      Bong 6 Ideal replacement to allow Burn to mark Carroll. Showed that he still has a lot to offer the team.
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      Excited - two U23 players look able to make the step up, and both have goals in them. Maupay looks like he is getting better every game. Bissouma coming back. Stephens looks a real class act. Dunk outstanding, and we have a new quality CB who can play the ball. Personally I don’t think we missed March today. Negatives - Burn was terrible in the second half. Gross and Propper look terrified of missing and would rather do anything than try to score.
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      On the train home.

      Ryan 8 Some very important stops and nice distribution. Proactive when in possession, very calm.
      Montoya 6.5 Not bad, but quality from crosses wasn’t quite there. Saint-Maxim tested him.
      Webster 7.5 I like him
      Dunk 8 Very good, controlled Joelinton.
      Burn 7 Not his best game, but still played well.
      Alzate 8.5 Very confident on the ball, technically very astute. Potter’s kind of player.
      Stephens 7.5 Strong, confident, calm.
      Pröpper 7.5 As above
      Groß 6.5 Killer instinct lacking, but linked the attack well.
      Maupay 6.5 Thought we lacked a presence in the area today, but he didn’t do badly. Movement good, willing runner.
      Mooy 6.5 Same as Groß really, kept the ball well but just lacked the final pass/shot.


      Connolly 7 Great movement and finish for his chance, so unlucky.
      Bissouma 6.5 Good to have him back, nice shot from distance.
      Bong 5.5 A few wayward crosses, but was solid enough.
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      Ryan 7

      Webster - 8
      Dunk - 9
      Burn - 7

      Montoya - 6
      Stephens - 8
      Propper - 7
      Mooy - 8

      Gross - 6
      Maupay - 7
      Alzate - 8
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      Ryan 7

      Montoya 7
      Alzate 8
      Dunk 7
      Webster 8
      Burn 6

      Propper 7
      Stephens 7
      Mooy 7
      Gross 6

      Maupay 7
      Time for some proper football, win lose or draw :-)
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      Ryan 7: Couple of good saves, distribution excellent
      Dunk 8: Managed the defence and blocked whenever required
      Webster 7: Looks excellent on the ball, drove forward a lot and is clearly exactly what Potterball is all about
      Burn 4: Gave Joelenyn a free header from a corner, two dive in tackles that were late allowing Newcastle to break and dispossessed once in our box. Lovely touches in their half but defensively poor.
      Montoya 6: Solid, gave us width and pace going forward
      Stephens 8.5 Always wanted the ball and used it superbly
      Mooy 7.5 Gave us creativity in the middle
      Propper 8: Effortlessly cool
      Gross 7: Some good crosses and linked well with rest of midfield
      Maupay 6: Greedy when could have passed, ran and chased well
      Alzate 7: Totally unfazed, needs to learn to stay onside.


      Connelly: 7: Unfortunate with the shot cleared off the line, very strong on the ball. Interesting chants to him from the away end
      Bong 6: Saw a lot of the ball, perhaps could have done more with it.
      Bissouma 6: Wanted the ball all the time, slowed down play when received it
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