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    Tough crowd. Sussex should be making and winning finals every year by that logic.

    For context, that was the first time a score of 184+ has been chased at Hove since 2010. It was a master class by Ali helped by a dropped catch. That’s what the whole years Blast tournament for Sussex came down to. Carey dropping Ali on not very many.
    A master class is easy when you bowl like we did yesterday. Yes Moen batted like a world beater, but the bowlers bowled like idiots.
    Ok Moen has struggled for England, but you are talking about 88 mph deliveries with 88 metre boundaries, we had 78mph bowlers with 52 metre boundaries.
    Poor fielding and piss poor bowling let the team down
    "Holloway did the equivalent of supermarket sweep and loaded his trolley up and when he got home realised he had a load of dodgy flat pack furniture which he didn't know how to put together and has walked off in frustration leaving someone else to sort it out."


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