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    Aint that the truth

    The only way such positions have ''longevity'' is to go in and continually sack Managers.

    That's because they have '' the ear '' of the owners and they know that each time a Manager goes then their position is secure for another year or two because someone else carries the can for them.

    Damien Comoli made an ''Art of it '' at Arsenal, Spurs, St Etienne, Liverpool and now Fenerbache
    He is doing a great job, as we have a complete team playing in top football in England, Europe and South America. When have we ever had such strength in depth at Brighton
    Our recruitment has been great for all these clubs

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      One of the testaments to our fantastic recruitment is the huge number of players we have out on loan. I think we have the 2nd highest number out on loan, so we can obviously demonstrate we have some talent. With any business the personnel you bring in are impacted by so many factors and some employees just don't work out, we recruit in a way that we can recoup a large percentage of that money if we do discover, for whatever reason, that a player doesn't quite suit us. We have a very good set up and are competitive with those outside the top 6 even though we spend towards the lower end on transfers and wages


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