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    I wrote an article for the Brighton Journal!!

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    Hi everyone,

    I wrote my first article for the Brighton Journal and it would be great to get some feedback on it!

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      A confused article is all I can really say. Also, are you Chris Hughton in disguise?

      Apart from Trossard’s impressive performance, this was a frustrating result for Albion.Having the majority of the chances and possession, it seems that the struggle Hughton had for scoring goals has carried over to Potter.
      We didn't really 'struggle' for goals, we scored two though one denied due to VAR; ignoring the VAR ruling, assuming the result went onto 2:1, this would have been the 2nd most common scoreline in the Premier League. So therefore, the conclusion is pretty terribly concluded.

      Whilst the result was not what Brighton were hoping for, the performance showed some promise
      and then
      the lack of an end product in the final third of the pitch was too with Brighton scoring just the one goal...
      Referencing my previous link 1-0 is the likeliest scoreline in the premier league; scoring the single goal is an achievement in its own right.

      Overall Graham Potter’s initiation into Brighton and Hove Albion has seen mixed performances,
      No they haven't; I think everyone's been satisfied with the performances so far. Andone being sent off was the catalyst for Southampton's win. They were unlikely to have won that 11 vs 11. Andone was a pivotal player in the approach to that game. We scored a goal, but ruled offside. We put a ball in the back of the net.... Locadia missed a sitter is now in Germany..

      West Ham was a frustrating game, 1-1 wasn't a reflection of the game and most fans would have been satisfied with the performance. A VAR ruling (which, might I add took a very long time relatively speaking to be concluded) meant we didn't go 1-0 up in the first half. A very encouraging display from Trossard.

      Bar Man City, which you wrote this article beforehand, we had scored in every game we played with VAR ignored. We are creating more chances and with more chances, more goals will come.

      This feels like this has been written by someone who
      1) hasn't watched Potter's teams yet and
      2) still can't get over Hughton being sacked.


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