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    Garbled dress code "clarification"

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    Just had this email which is, quite frankly, abysmally unclear.

    Ahead of this weekend's Premier League match against Southampton, we wanted to remind all supporters about our dress code in 1901 Club lounge and hospitality areas.

    The dress code for the hospitality areas is smart business attire for all guests, male and female. Acceptable attire includes smart jeans and shoes. Hospitality guests dining in a restaurant or executive box will still be required to wear shoes; trainers will not be permitted in dining areas.

    Please note ripped jeans, shorts, trainers, canvas shoes and flip flops are not permitted.

    Men must wear a collared shirt or polo shirt. Football shirts, polo-neck and turtleneck sweaters are not acceptable. Only guests aged under 14 may wear Brighton & Hove Albion replica shirts. Away team colours or shirts are not permitted in any circumstances.

    Please ensure your guests are aware of and adhere to the dress code as entry will not be permitted if they are not dressed accordingly.

    Unfortunately, we will be unable to reseat hospitality guests in general admission areas of the stadium if admission is refused.

    So can I wear trainers in the lounge or not? Can I wear a polo neck or not?

    *I don't care as I will wear the same style of clothes and shoes that I have for the last 8 years but if they think this has cleared up the confusion from last week, they have communication issues. To go from a sentence saying that trainers are not permitted in dining areas straight to an unclarified statement that trainers are not permitted. Saying polo shirts are permitted and then, presumably saying polo neck sweaters are not whilst lumping them in with shirts in the very next sentence?

    And yes, I know - prawn sandwiches/first world problems/snowflake/blah blah. But a 100m+ turnover company sending out such a contradictory email is poor to say the least.
    RICHARD SWIVELLER, a good-hearted, though somewhat queer young man


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