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    O/T Employment advice needed

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    My wife submitted one months notice in writing on 12th June 2019 giving her final day of paid work as 12th July 2009. However as she had 5 days leave to take, the letter also said she would be taking this as part of her notice period and her last day of actual work would be 5th July 2019.

    Her pay for July 2019 was lower than expected and after a lot of chasing finally got her payslip and P45 both of which show she left on 5th July and has only been paid to that date.

    Emails to her Boss weren't replied to so she sent one final one last week giving 5 working days to either pay the missing money, or promise it, or explain why it isn't due. The 5 days runs out this Friday 23/8/19.

    As we are talking about around £500 missing, my thoughts are Small Claims Court. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

    She did have a period of sickness earlier in the year and went down to SSP but my understanding is that annual leave still accrues when you are off sick. Is that correct?



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