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    Bolton game postponed...

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    Boltons home game v Doncaster on Tuesday has been binned off by their administrators due to "welfare concerns for the young squad". Their team is packed full of teenagers / youth players who have had to play every game so far this season, as they couldn't make any signings.

    Blimey, what a can of worms this opens up. I guess everyone can appreciate the reasons and have SOME sympathy. But if I was Doncaster, I'd be properly macked off at this decision. Its very unfair on them, who (rightly or not) will look on this as a missed opportunity of getting 3 points. Instead, presumably they'll potentially have to play them later on in the season when Bolton have had a chance to get their act together (assuming the buy-out goes through). Incredible that they can just arbitrarily decide to do this.

    What can the EFL do ? You'd assume they'll have to throw the book at them, but Bolton already started the season on minus 12 points, so....another points deduction ? What a shambles League One is going to be this season.
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