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    They've got Knockaert - a photo story

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    My eldest son (an Albion STH) was invited to take a penalty at half-time at Craven Cottage yesterday, so I saw Fulham v Blackburn Rovers...

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    There were quite a few Fulham fans in Knockaert shirts.

    I find it weird when fans get a name on their back before they've even seen the player in action - but I guess they MIGHT have been at Barnsley last week, where AK came on as sub.

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    Anyway, AK hugged the line on the right wing all match (until subbed on 82min), and seemed to enjoy himself...

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    ... probably because he had clearly been asked NOT to track back.

    But the service to him - in his advanced role - could have been much better.

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    Of course, angry AK was still evident when he missed his chances (he had two).

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    "There's Brighton there, there's Brighton there..."

    Also, ex-Albion winger Elliott Bennett, out of picture.

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    AK celebrated Fulham's second goal like he scored it himself.

    I regret to inform you that Knockaert JOINED IN with Mitrovic's stupid twisty-hand-to-hear celebration (the only player to do so).

    I nearly vommed in my mouth.

    He's Fulham now.

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    AK had many family and friends in the crowd witnessing the 2-0 win, including his young son in a "Daddy" shirt.

    My son had his penalty saved - by a man dressed as a badger. *sigh*

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