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    Ask me ANYTHING Graham Potter.

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    So I made a Swansea thread the other day but I'm gonna let that one rest until something spectacular happens. Especially considering I will be watching you instead of us today...

    However, I am an expert on Graham Potter. I've been stalking him for several years. Listening to him, watching ÖFK and Swansea and I've also had dreans I dont want to talk about. I like his kind of personality, social views and football so I want him to succeed in order to make the world a bit more like I want it to be. The man needs to accomplish things so that other leaders and trainers will be inspired to become like him. Like Sir Alex, but friendly. Like Wenger, but not complaining about the weather, refs, the pitch, whatever. A positive human that understands and tolerates other humans.

    I have a neural library tied to Graham Potter-arts, so any questions about attitues, tactics, whatever, bring it.

    I realize you've already understood a lot about him and his methods by now but as a self-proclaimed Doctor in grahampotterology its sensible that I offer my wisdom (correctly spelled this time, thank you to the nazi from the other thread).


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