I've been asked to forward this:

Dear friends,

I am here to ask you all for your help through this post, as a friend of mine Lucelena De Paula Silva needs your help to take her cancer treatment. She arrived in England 10 months ago and came to London and was diagnosed with colon cancer which she had an emergency operation to remove her tumour but as she is illegal and not a citizen in this country she has to pay for everything that was done in hospital and the days she stayed, which is total of £12.135,00 and now has to do her chemotherapy but can not start due to this outstanding bill. The overall payment with the chemotherapy is about £20.000,00. Thank you all that already contributed in this donation, and for the ones that do not have the condition to help this fund I would only ask for your prayers and to help raise awareness by sharing this post. If you have any queries or doubts please call me on 07743990339 thank you!