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    "Michael" Obama.

    9 Not allowed!
    Apparently Michelle is a man, widely known as Michael among the enlightened.
    Heard it off our ships Doctor tonight, a good old boy from the U.S who's a proper gun toting disciple of the Donald.
    He's a big believer in all the usual conspiracy theories about the twin towers too, but his "Michael" Obama story did it for me.
    He has a brother in law in the CIA so it must be true!

    His classic line to me was, "There's ways of telling the difference between a man & a woman". Of course it was a free hit for me.
    "Did they teach you that at Medical School".

    It started off funny, but actually wound me up until I couldn't take any more. The others at the table were lapping it up, (a Serb & a Croat).
    I informed the Doctor that he was mad as a fish & I'd never heard such bullshit. He was shocked; I don't think he'd had this conversation with a Brit before. My sarcasm was going "Woosh" every time!

    So I've come on here to vent; what a fruit cake; one for Louis Theroux.

    Anyone here heard Michelle is packing meat?
    Tiptoe, through the North Stand,
    Wiv yer boots on......


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