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    Spell staphylococcus aureus and know that it is a gram-positive, round shaped bacterium that is a member of the Firmicutes AND CAN CAUSE DEATH.
    So anything less than Tottenham depending on the sides' difference in points and GD is that degree of "'ell"

    If that is the case Brighton "ell is getting a bit hotter.

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      Quote Originally Posted by lawros left foot View Post
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      On joining my first ship in the RN,she was in a minor re-fit. I remember walking along the main drag( passageway) as the dockyard workers stripped lagging off the overhead pipes. The lagging was asbestos. It looked like flakes of snow as it fell. No one was wearing any breathing apparatus or protective clothing.
      My father-in-law was in the merchant navy and tells me quite a few tales like this. They also rigged up a tap into the lead-lined hot water pipes coming out of the engine to make their tea without having to go to the galley. Later on, he went to Dounreay when it was going critical, basically armed with a spanner - and a little badge to wear that when it went black, you should think about leaving because you had exceeded your 'safe' radiation dose.

      He's 83 and as fit as a fiddle - although most of his workmates have gone through asbestosis or unexplained blood ailments.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Lankyseagull View Post
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      My Dad securing our wooden two seater sofa in the back of his transit van for me & my sister to sit on for a 2-3 hour journey to visit relations near Reading. And he didn't bother to remove many of his building tools from the van either - shovels, pick axes, mattocks, etc etc merrily rattled around with us en route.
      My dads first "family car" was a pink Austin A40 van, so he went to the local breakers yard, purchased a single car seat and a 2-seater car bench seat. He then "secured" them in the back of the van with an odd length of washing line. Being the oldest I got the single seat, which swung around on the rope in the back of the van ever time we took a corner, accelerated by my dad laughing his head off - as was I. FFS!!
      ...Gatting fed the ball to Tony Grealish...who found Neil Smillie...who laid the ball off to Gary Howlett, his pinpoint cross was met by Gordon Smith, who eluded McQueen to send a beautiful header beyond the reach of Gary Bailey.......
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      welding sentry in the mob - lucky not to have arc eye
      I was on here before as 'Hampden Park'
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      This is a photo I took in Leeds in 1982.

      Nowadays that building would be completely boarded up and secured and thereby ruining a lot of children's fun.

      The piled up mattresses would also now be viewed as a potential fire hazard especially as none of those in the picture would have had fire safety labels which weren't introduced until 1988 with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations.

      Click image for larger version. 

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