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Absolutely not true. Women EARN less, they are not paid less. That has been illegal since the 1970s. One of the greatest Feminist myths of our time. It has been analysed to death, check out 'The factual feminist' for the expert analysis of this.
A huge number of jobs don't have a standard hourly rate, so I think arguing over the semantics is a bit pointless. The fact is that the vast majority of high paid execs are men. And woman are consistently paid less than men for the same job title. You can argue forever about why those men might be 'worth' more, but ultimately something is not right with this scenario. Perhaps it's something early on in the system that impacts this, but frankly, I think it's quite possible that there is inherent gender bias at play.

I see this as a similar argument to why there are more* black people in prison than white people - it's not because the colour of your skin makes you more predisposed to criminal endeavour, but rather the higher likelihood of a deprived upbringing. In this way, a person's gender does not impact their capability to do practically any job.

*As a %, vs %ethnicity of population