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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwylan View Post
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    Jeremy Coney for me. He's got a great turn of phrase and a really dry sense of humour

    I wish TMS would sign him up for the Ashes
    Definitely this plus the other New Zealander who is sometimes on with him and whose name escapes me I like Glenn McGrath too. And Ebony Rainford-Brent. And Jim Maxwell.

    edit: having read through the thread to remind me I need to add Vic Marks and Tony Cozier as well.

    Obviously this is just from current selection otherwise it would just be everybody who carried out the role in the 70s
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      Athers for me.
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      Quote Originally Posted by hans kraay fan club View Post
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      Sounds great - and yes there are plenty of clubs around the country doing similar.

      But no youngster will come into contact with any of that unless their family seeks it out, and chooses to get them involved.

      Without supportive / interested parents, no kid whose school doesn't acknowledge that cricket exists, is ever going to play the sport.
      Yes that's true. But I guess it works the same in other sports, even football.

      At my son's primary school they had no proper football pitch so they played on concrete. Every day, every opportunity. Because kids love football.

      The lads/girls who were really into it all went to clubs to play properly. The school just didn't have the facilities.

      Happened to be that my lad preferred cricket (although he's a decent football player) so I found a local club for him to go to when he was 6. Luckily I picked Sheffield Collegiate CC.

      His mates who are really good at football have all now been playing for clubs for years and one or two are involved in academies, United, Wednesday (lol), Rotherham...

      School football has had about as much influence on their development as school cricket has for my son.

      I think it's all down to the parents these days.
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      John Arlott, who once described the Sussex bowler of the 70’s John Spencer, who had very broad shoulders ‘here comes John Spencer into bowl, looks like he has left his coat hanger in his jumper’ superb. Think he died on Alderney and had a wonderful wine cellar.

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      Of present day commentators I like Nasser Hussein. He genuinely loves cricket, it's his total life. Admire him for that.
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      I really like Nasser, because he takes having the piss taken out of him and he isn't a stupid person when it comes to this game. But I like Michael Atherton better, would like Botham there, no contest.


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