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    How do you pay for things abroad?

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    Does anyone still take travellers cheques? Can’t even cash them in banks in the States without a US bank account I believe? I have given up on them and use a card now.

    Taking cash is a mugs game as you get crucified on rip of rates buying here or exchanging abroad in my experience and you can pay for most things on a card so only need limited foreign currency anyway.

    Most UK credit and debit cards add a foreign transaction fee which can add up

    Personally found that Monzo (now with a non chargeable £200 a month limit for cash withdrawals I think?) or Caxton are the best for use abroad but am wondering if someone knows better?

    Monzo seem to give a better rate than Caxton and I do have a Nationwide card that only charges for cash withdrawals and also give a good rate. Don’t think the charge free payments work outside of Europe on Nationwide.

    Waits to hear of a better way to do it......
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