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    Women's World Cup - are you now a fan?

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    On the back of a largely entertaining Women's World Cup (notwithstanding some awful refereeing and VAR deciaions) who here is now going to consider supporting our ladies team this coming domestic season?

    Season tickets are ony £30 for adults and £10 for kids and me and the wife are going to get some this coming season as the games never clash with the mens first team. We went to 5 games last year and enjoyed the matches so we thought we'd get a season ticket as that covers all 11 matches.

    There's been a major promotion of the ladies game during this summer's World Cup so we thought we'd take the plunge and go to the home games this season at Crawley to support our ladies in addition to the mens first team.

    Anyone elso going to give this a go this season?


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