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    Classic Female Backing Vocal Contributions to Tracks by Male Artists.

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    To qualify for this thread the female vocalists must not be credited as the main performing artist so duets do not count. The main credited artists should be male, either bands or solo artists.

    This is for those classic female vocal segments that come middway through tracks by male artists or even just those who provide backing vocals or harmonies throughout the song.

    Sometimes they are recognised artists in their own right, sometimes they are relatively unknown.

    My initial contribution is Merry Clayton who provided the backing vocals on the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter".

    Merry was pregnant at the time and was called up in the middle of the night where she put in a gruelling recording session. Shortly after the recording session she suffered a miscarriage.

    I'm sure you're all familiar with the original song and her contribution so instead of posting the Rolling Stones version here's Merry doing her own rendition of the song.


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