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    Our next Prime minister.........Labour scenario

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    Jeremy Corbyn has just informed The house of commons his intention to step down as Prime minister. The search for his predecessor has started. BBC 1 has a program not unlike the shambles we witnessed recently with the five most likely candidates for the next Prime minister. Who in your opinion in the Labour Party has the ability to run the country and is seen as an up and coming political light.
    Now I expect the obvious replies ranging from...

    It will never happen

    God help us

    No one

    Diane Abbott

    But are their any credible opposition Labour politicians who you regard are good statesman like leaders in waiting, after all they can't be as bad as that shower we witnessed the other night can THEY?

    I give you Keir Starmer for one .
    Brighton & Hove Albion will be there long after the current players, manager,chairman......thanks to who? of course!

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