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    Unfortunately, for musicians today the real money now comes from touring which means that established artistes with loyal fanbases do charge silly prices. My two faves Metallica and Iron Maiden have been touring a lot recently and I have had to bite the bullet. For the two Maiden shows the prices were not too bad at £60 a pop for lower tier at the 02. For Metallica at the 02 lower tier it was £95 and for this Thursday at Twickenham it was £110 but that is with two support bands. For two ageing bands who might not be touring for a lot longer I'm prepared to pay the rice. However, I do think some artistes are taking the micky and exploiting the loyalty of their fans.

    As for Madonna she comes across as thoroughly unpleasant and her best times artistically are long gone and just living off past glories. And as many have mentioned she is not all that now and seriously mutton dressed as lamb.
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