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    Madonna - Madame X Tour

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    Just been having a look at available tickets from Ticketmaster for Madonna's dates at the Palladium next year and was surprised to find hundreds of tickets still available.

    I accept she's not to everyone's tastes (mutton dressed as lamb etc etc etc) but I was thinking of taking the other half out for a night in London next year and thought it might be interesting to see her for the first time since the late 80's.

    Getting to the point - loads of tickets were available (which surprised me as I thought I had left it too late) and loads in the stalls near the front. All good I thought.

    THEN - cheapest tickets available were £455 per person! I know there had been cheaper tickets which have all been sold up in the gods (or The Grand Circle) but £455 to sit in row 'M' of the Palladium? Who in their right mind pays those sorts of prices? That's a little less than I take home per week! For the cost of the two of us to go including booking fees we could have had a weeks holiday in Spain for that.

    I fully understand the principle of supply and demand (and I should have got in earlier to get the cheaper tickets at the top) but who other than a Madonna nut or someone with more money than sense pays those sorts of prices? There were even tickets in the front few rows for £511. And these are not via the secondary sites either.

    Some of these artists are now just taking the piss in my view and I for one hope she ends up playing to a half empty Palladium every night.

    Did anyone else buy tickets for one of her shows and how much did you pay?


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